All Earnhart leadpipes are designed specifically for you and your instrument. Aided by innovative design processes, we can help you to achieve the intonation, timbre and response you desire.

The leadpipe of your instrument plays an integral part in relative intonation, timbre, and sensory feedback while playing. By engineering leadpipe parameters to align with the player and their instrument, the compensatory measures the musician adapts during playing can be reduced - often significantly. 


All Earnhart leadpipes are designed and made to order. The acoustic properties of the leadpipe are complex, making it easy to fine tune multiple facets of performance.


We offer a variety of materials that can be used in construction of your leadpipe. While different materials do have differing resonant qualities, the spectral profile of the instrument changes only minimally. However, differences in resonant qualities of a material seem to play a part in altering sensory feedback to the player's embouchure. This can alter how the player performs. 

After an optional initial consultation, a build sheet will be sent to the client with advanced specifications as well as final price and lead time for approval. 


Overall Length

Leadpipe Venturi

Threaded / Press Fit

Taper Profile

Leadpipe Material:

Yellow Brass - Drawn

Red Brass - Seamed

Copper - Seamed

Nickel Silver - Drawn

Sterling Silver - Seamed


Shank Taper



All Earnhart leadpipes are custom made to order. Material prices change fairly often - we reserve the right to change any price listed at any time. Below is a general pricing scheme based on material and its associated process.

Yellow Brass - Drawn: 160 USD

Red Brass - Seamed: 165 USD

Copper - Seamed: 230 USD

Nickel Silver - Drawn: 200 USD

Sterling Silver - Seamed: 450 USD

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