A new kind of custom experience.

"Every mouthpiece represents the end result of a design process to create something that will play just as it was designed. Your custom experience is supported by years of formal scientific analysis on the acoustics of brass mouthpieces, their interaction with the embouchure, and the system that supports it. Working with clients to create a custom mouthpiece is without a doubt a favorite part of my job, both as a designer and an artist. We have designed a flexible custom process with design modifications guided by research -  helping you to create a mouthpiece that is truly custom. We take great responsibility in making sure that you receive exactly what you order."

-Jack Earnhart

Custom Mouthpieces: 
Full Custom Mouthpiece (Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn):  295 USD
Full Custom Mouthpiece (Trombone): 325 USD

Prices listed are for a one-piece, silver plated mouthpiece. Non-standard plating, threading, and custom blank profiles are additional. 

Alterations (All mouthpieces): By quote
Great care is taken when performing any alteration. To receive a quote, please call or submit a request for quotation.

Clients are welcome to visit the shop for in-person work. Please schedule an appointment as far in advance as possible. 

Finishing Options:
All Jack Earnhart mouthpieces are silver plated unless otherwise specified. Call or email before placing your order if you wish to have a product plated in any metal other than silver. Prices change frequently due to the volatility of the precious metals market. 

Additional Finishing Options:
Matte (bead-blasted) Finish: 20 USD
Brushed Finish: 10 USD

Re-plating of other mouthpieces: Inquire for pricing 
Depending on the condition of your mouthpiece pricing may differ. The price of re-plating also includes any preparatory operations.

A custom shank alteration is included with your purchase of a Jack Earnhart Mouthpiece for no additional charge. To test your optimal gap setting, cut out a small slip of paper and place it on the shank of the mouthpiece as you insert it into the receiver. While playing, take notice of intonation, response, and tonal differences. If there is improvement, you might benefit from a larger gap. If your playing suffers, you might benefit from a smaller gap. 

For jobs that do not fall under any of these categories, a shop fee of 75 USD/hr is in place; so that all of your needs as a musician can be covered. This fee does not include in-person consultations or trials. 

Request for Quote

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