"I founded The Earnhart Company in Virginia in March 2020. The opening represented the culmination of years of prior research and design. It is my pleasure to work with musicians at all skill levels to create products that are both visually impressive and acoustically advantageous for the player. The company began commercial design and production of custom mouthpieces in January of 2021. Our trombone leadpipe division is set to begin consultations in January of 2022. 

Our design processes are constantly being refined so that your playing experience is as effortless as possible. We are proud to sponsor a robust acoustics research program based in Boston, Massachusetts. This program specializes in the development of advanced modeling and design tools that aid in the customization of our products to the individual. 

Every product is manufactured with precision technology and quality controlled multiple times before passing final inspection. This is an integral part of the company model: To create accurate custom products that enhance the playing experience of the brass player."

Jack Earnhart

Founder and Owner, The Earnhart Company

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